A Pot of Rice to the Wonders of Wonton

Recipes and Stories by Lorraine Witte, Photos and Creative by Josimar King

A Pot of Rice to the Wonders of Wonton is the world's first publication to exclusively feature recipes, photos and videos about wonton making. The Chinese Lady shares her Chinese-Hawaiian experiences which includes over 30 modern and diverse recipes, along with stories from her upbringing in Hawaii and California.

Available now on iBooks and Kindle for $9.99!

I love it. Marvelous recipes, a fabulous personal story, and a beautiful, innovative design. I am planning Weekend Wontons!
— Elatia Harris, Chef & Teacher
It’s an amazing book... Lorraine combines step-by-step multimedia technique guides with some of the most lyrical culinary/family memoirs I’ve ever had the privilege to read!
— Laura Martin Bacon, Writer & Culinary Educator

Images from the book...