My journey of jewelry designing began in 1996, when I created hand knotted pins for my daughter’s wedding party. Little did I realize that this little venture would lead to a surprise career that has endured for over fifteen years.

My custom jewelry has been available at the San Francisco Asian Art Museum, Cicada, Armoire, Lindisima, MIO, Mix, The Raphael, V, Brier Gallery, and the de Young Museum, along with private showings with the Asia Society, the Chinese Historical Society of America and many private trunk shows.

As I create new designs, I am continually inspired by everything I see; especially in fashion and via social networking.

My present collection still reflects my Chinese and Western experiences. I rely on my continued passion to learn by touching natural stones and fabric then trusting in my innate sense of design.

My hands express the desire for beautiful art to wear that is handcrafted by me. Each of my pieces are unique with semi precious stones and my signature handmade knots.

The process of creating is still an absolute passion and the bonus is to share all of this with you.