Tacolicious is Absolutely Delicious!

Do you remember I mentioned previously that I have a love for tacos?  

Well, the other day on Chestnut St. I smelled food wafting from the nearby Tacolicious. Next thing I was seated at the bar and ordered my favorite cod fish taco. I watched the cook dip the fish into a batter, deep fry it and served with a crisp cabbage slaw. I love that the portions are generous and the three kinds of sauces that come with it are fabulous and to die for.

On this particular day I had the pleasure of speaking to Mike the managing partner, and heard how the restaurant got started. I find that true stories are hard to beat and I love to hear all the details. Personally, I think it’s very interesting how some restaurants get to be successful and others just disappear... Well, in my honest opinion, Tacolicious is here to stay.