Chef Traci des Jardin’s Arguello

I seem to eat a lot of tacos these days.  Maybe it’s because we have so many restaurants that cater wonderful, tasty, satisfying tacos. But honestly, I love them.

I’ve already visited the one on Hayes St. called Papitos and I have yet to write about Tacolicious where I get great fish tacos. And our Mission neighborhood is brimming with more places where the tacos are more rustic but none the less fulfilling and absolutely delicious.

Today after yoga a few friends of mine wanted to go to a new restaurant owned by Traci des Jardin. Arguello, located in the Presidio, is one of six restaurants she owns in S.F. We arrive there on a beautiful blue sky day.  It is quiet due to the location but the restaurant is filled to capacity. So we wait our turn and my friends order margaritas and guacamole.

When our tacos arrive, I am especially happy to see my corn tortilla brimming with carnitas and peppers. The first bite sends me to food heaven then when I gaze up I see

Traci des Jardin walking around. She stops at our table and we all start talking to her at the same time. I will revisit her restaurant again, for sure.