Students Do It All, Free Dinner at St. Cyprians

There is a Church called St.Cyprian near me that hosts free organic dinners for the community once a month. The organic vegetables are grown at USF and the students in a program work the gardens, then the food is harvested for this particular event. 


My dear friend Susan Strouse is the Pastor for the United Lutheran Church invited me to attend one evening and I was so impressed with the entire evening and I cannot thank her enough for her suggestion.

The people attending are mostly students from USF and anyone who wants to come from the community. The students do all the prep work, cook the entire meal, present the delicious food and then we all cleanup. 

Every dinner is a bouquet of beautiful organic vegetables. A real food fest! Lively music is provided by volunteer musicians and sometimes when the students chime into a song, it is just mind blowing. Everyone is smiling! It's definitely contagious. 

Of course being a senior visitor I was thrilled to be around these young, enthusiastic students. Who wouldn’t be? Takes me back to my college years. Fills my heart to be a part of an evening like this; I find myself running toward it whenever I can.