An Evening with Tyler Florence for "No Kid Hungry"

I usually don’t attend celebrity functions but recently I made an exception for Tyler Florence, the Food Network star. This event was to benefit the "No Kid Hungry" fundraiser at Williams Sonoma.

I arrived early so I could find a seat up close and as I was waiting for the class to begin,Tyler is prepping with his team. My first thought was to sit back and really enjoy the evening with a well known chef and to find out what I could learn from him. For me it’s always about watching a chefs’ hands and how he executes his skills. Will he be at ease when he talks while demonstrating his famous fried chicken, and at the end of the class would I be licking my fingers?

"YES," was the answer to all these questions. He proved to be an engaging chef in every way and I was very, very impressed!

I bought his beautiful cookbook, Fresh, because the illustrations were fabulous. He signed it for me; he was charming, easy on the eyes and his manner so authentic. My evening turned out great and I’m glad that I went, glad I bought his book and glad to have met a truly talented guy. What a treat!

But most importantly, I liked that I was there to be supportive for the No Kid Hungry event.