Organic Tacos at Papito

I feel so fortunate to live in San Francisco where food is available everywhere. There are casual, fine dining, and three star restaurants within reach. 

Since I think of myself as an adventurous gal, I am totally into trying all kinds of food. I like to discover delicious food, so I'm always on the lookout for those unexpected surprises!

Just last week I found myself on Hayes street, near Civic Center,  I began window shopping and I smelled aromatic food. I followed my nose to “Papito,” a brand new restaurant. I had discovered my first organic mexican restaurant. The owner showed me to my seat in the brightly sunlit room with an open kitchen. It was noisy but hey, it was noon. Most of the tables were taken with people sitting, laughing, smiling and enjoying their food. Happy sounds...

I was starving so I decided to order the large taco platter thinking that I would have some leftovers for later. 
When the taco platter slid in front of me, I noticed how beautiful they were garnished with edible flowers!! So of course I pulled out the camera (like everyone nowadays) and shot a few pics. The tacos were so scrumptious, flowers and all that I had none to take home.